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Thank You!!

It's been a hellish couple of months with supply delays, post office closures and hospital visits and you have all been SO kind, patient and understanding. If I think about it too long I cry, I'm crying writing this! :')

You are all so much more to me than customers, you are my friends. You prove it time and time again with the messages I get wishing me well and letting me know you care, the understanding you show whenever something doesn't go quite right, and your unwavering patience in the face of delays.

Im up to my eyeballs in stock now, so our processing time has dropped back down (yay!) any orders placed for the rest of the year should ship out within a week.


TW hospitals/hospital procedures.

For anyone interested in my health, I originally had been referred to the eye clinic at the hospital by my opticians due to some swelling in my nerves/discs.

I thought I'd have a routine eye check, but I was immediately referred to neurology, cue the panic! I was alone in the hospital, my phone at 40%, with no dinner in my tummy and no clue what was going on!

Over the weekend, I've had many blood tests, multiple CT scans of my head, dye pumped around my body and I've been poked and prodded in every way you can imagine.

My brain is okay! (thank goodness!) no tumours or clots so I was eventually allowed to leave. But there is a lot of pressure in my head/cerebrospinal fluid which will require me to return for a lumbar puncture (as gross as it sounds) to confirm idiopathic intercranial hypertension. What does that mean?? Too much pressure in the head with no obvious cause :( left unchecked I could suffer bleeding on the brain or permanently lose some/all of my vision (scary!) but it's been caught early enough that I should be able to turn it around and keep it under control!

All of your well wishes and sweet messages have meant the absolute world and made my heart feel so full, with all your support behind me I'm feeling much more positive and ready to battle this!

love you! xo

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