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June Wrap Up

I had the most beautiful month, and since a lot of you asked me to share more personal life here on the blog, I thought I'd take you through this magical month.

My sister Amy visited this month, which always brings me so much joy. We took a beautiful trip down to Cornwall and spent some time with my best friend and fellow business owner Alicia (who you may know as @constellationcrystals)

We listened to the acotar audio book in the car on the way there and back, are you surprised? It was Amy's first listen and now she's almost as hooked on it as I am!

We visited St nectans glen, Golitha falls & Trebarwith beach. Being a water sign, land locked in the middle of the country, this was such a wonderful experience for me.

We even all found pieces of amethyst in the riverbed.

Of course I couldn't resist packing some candles in my bag (I'm sure other small businesses relate to not being able to stop working!)

I brought along candles inspired by the environments we were in, and it was so satisfying seeing them at 'home'.

My soul felt so happy, being in nature with such wonderful and inspiring women who I love to share space with. I was very sad to leave, but me and Amy took a lovely drive through cheddar gorge on the way home which was so magical.

June 24th

My birthday! And Midsummer's day (the shop's namesake!)

After our trip, we took today to relax and unwind. I ate cake and watched some favourite films, before going out to dinner with the whole family (and ken! 💖) that evening. My brother even travelled up to spend time with us. The saxon mill is a beautiful old mill in Warwickshire right beside the River Avon, with a Haunted ruin on the other side. (Very me) and they put flowers on my dessert 🥺

Finally, my birthday gift from my lovely mum was Hanson tickets for me, her & my sister. Remember mmmbop? If that's the only song you know you're missing out! (I recommend listening to penny & me!)

I've never felt such undiluted joy 😂 it was such a wonderful and freeing evening.

June Favourites

Book - Book Lovers by Emily Henry.

Purchase - A stunning petrified wood slice from @constellationcrystals.

Drink - Belvoir Farm sparkling elderflower.

Movie - Jurassic World- Dominion.

Activity - Morning Yoga (I'm amazed at how much better I feel!)

What have I been burning?

Forest Witch

Top notes of freshly rubbed tomato leaves, Sicilian lemon groves and sun ripened oranges lead into a bouquet garni of freshly crushed oregano. Base notes include aromatic woods.

I hope you all had an absolutely magical month!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes 💖

Love you!

Annie xo

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