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"I have been buying Midsummer Child candles for many years now and I've seen the love that goes into them grow... and you can feel it when they burn. The quality and beauty has never faltered and the themes and scents get better and better. They're lovely all year round, but Autumn evenings especially are not complete without a Midsummer Child candle."



"I am spoiled for any other candles after discovering the magic of Midsummer Child. Every scent is sublime and my house is now filled with beautiful candles, I refuse to buy from anyone else. Annie's dedication to her craft and her love of her business shines brightly in every package and the quality is second to none. I didn't used to be a huge candle lover because I could never find scents that didn't give me headaches or that were atmospheric enough for the vibe I wanted. Midsummer Child has turned me into an absolute addict in the best possible way. I cannot recommend this shop enough."

- @olivemmorris


"I absolutely love these candles. The labels are so gorgeous and the themes always fit each season perfectly. The scents are exactly what they say on the label. The pumpkin candle is one of my all time favourites."



"The smell and quality of these candles is amazing! Each one is so unique and the artwork makes them such adorable decor pieces. They burn long and fill the whole space with their scent!"













" Amazing quality candles and they smell amazing! The best candles I've bought!"

- @crystalblissuk


"Gorgeous packaging and amazing scents!

One of my fave brands!"



"Honestly the best smelling candles I've ever had, they burn so well and always smell nice. The aesthetic *applause*"



"My favourite candles! I now try to order at every restock so I never run out. They all smell gorgeous!"



"Such great candles, the packaging always brings me so much joy and the customer service is fab."



"I just adore these candles! The scents are heavenly and the packaging is beautiful!"



"Such lovely scents and the extra care taken with the packaging reminds me of why I am a repeat customer!"



The most stunning, subtle bookish scents! Can't wait for the fall seasonals!



"Some of the best smelling candles I've owned. Beautiful and high quality."



"Annie's candles make such a statement with such understated whimsy. I feel transported every time I light one!



"I loved the smell, the quality and the customer service! My custom quote candle is one of my favourites."



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