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New Packaging!

Our packaging has had a little glow up! 💖 While our packing materials have always been eco friendly, I've been thinking a lot lately about where those materials end up. While our bubble wrap has always been compostable, how many people actually have a compost bin? While our packing peanuts are easily disposed of down the drain (with no harm to plumbing or oceans) how many people actually rinse them away? I never want for anything I send out into the world to wind up in a black bin bag, so our packaging is now entirely made of various cardboards & papers, meaning every single thing can go straight into the recycling bin (but can still be composted or reused if that's something you do!) -

Being eco friendly is so important to me, but being able to live sustainably is absolutely a privilege, so I'm really happy to be able to make being eco friendly more accessible when it comes to our packaging. I'm really happy with this decision, and love the way it looks, too! What do you think of the changes? 🤎

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