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Midsummer Mists

As summer rolls around I know we'll all be reaching for candles a little less when it comes to fragrancing our homes - but we still want to be surrounded by those beautiful scents we know and love, to be transported to our favourite bookish lands or feel old stories and magic stir in our bones, and of course we want the apothecary aesthetic of amber glass (no-one wants to switch out their candles for a can of febreeze!)


So finally, after a lot of planning and testing, I'm so happy to finally be able to announce our

✨️ Midsummer Mists ✨️

A collection of atmospheric room sprays based on magic, books & whimsy and scented with the very same fragrances you've come to love in our candles. More will be joining this collection as the summer rolls on, but for now, allow me to introduce-


Wildflower Honey, Warm Tonka Bean & Grounding Sandalwood. Indicative of warm summer evenings spent making flower crowns at golden hour, sharing a cup of mead with your friends and waiting to catch a glimpse of the fairies.


Tart Damson Plums, Velvety Rose & Earthy Patchouli.

The duality of the light and the dark, life and death. Heady, rich, dark fruits drip beautifully onto white rose petals and ground together in spring earth.

🌲Forks WA🌲

Coniferous Trees, Warm Spring Rain, Bella & Edward's Meadow. One of our best-selling candles transformed into an atmospheric mist, transporting you to the damp green forests of the pnw.


Dancing Orange Blossom, Sweet Pears & Violets, a pillowy soft Elven bed.

A comforting caress of ancient magic, the smell of blossoms rolling in an open archway as you rouse in a bundle of white sheets, rested and cared for.


Unfortunately these lovely mists can only be shipped within the UK at this time, but I'm working hard on more personal fragrance products that I can send worldwide for my wonderful international friends- watch this space!

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