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Spring 2022

Hi, friends!

It's time to launch our Spring collection for 2022! I really tried to capture the beauty of slow living in spring with this collection, I really hope you'll connect with it and enjoy it this season!

No.1 The Forager

A candle for those of us that thrive in nature. On our knees in the moss, dirt under our fingernails, hunting for the treasure that nature provides for us.

With fresh green notes of pine, green leaf, lime & basil to transport you to lush forests. Notes of lily, cassis and apple add sweetness and an air of spring to the blend. Clove, sandalwood and moss creates depth and brings you closer to the forest floor.

No.2 The Herbalist

A candle for all of us that see the beauty in using what is naturally provided by the earth for our physical and spiritual wellbeing. Whether you're new to the practice or have been learning the medicinal properties of plants since childhood, this candle is for you.

Fresh notes of lemon, ginger and peppermint awaken and cleanse the senses, while heart notes of blackcurrant, apple and jasmine add sweetness and comfort to the blend. Base notes of amber, clove and vanilla warm and anchor this fragrance.

No.3 The Poet

A candle for those of us who stay up late, pouring our hearts onto paper. For those who spend sunrises weaving words into into art. Whether you keep it hidden away, or share it with the world, this candle is for you.

A light citrus and orange blossom accord dance across our top notes. Heart notes of jasmine, violet and lily add an air of romance and whimsy, while base notes of woods, amber and musk add depth and darkness.

No.4 The Artist

If you have paint splattered clothes, or charcoal stained fingers, if you tell stories through creation, documenting the life around you and the life and imagination within you, this candle is for you. We are all artists.

A juicy cocktail of plum, raspberry and pomegranate open this fragrance to reveal a floral heart of night blooming jasmine and lily, warmed by clove and frankincense. The fragrance comes to rest on a bed of gentle woods, lightened by patchouli and mellowed by golden amber and musk.

No.5 The Witch

A candle for any and all witches, those who connect with the forests and the lakes, the mountains and the rivers, the hearth and home, the changing ocean and the wind ruffled moors. We all have magic within us.

Fresh top notes of lavender open this fragrance accompanied by sweet red fruits, jasmine petals make up the heart, and come to rest in a blend of sandalwood, musk and amber.

I hope you'll allow this collection to accompany you through slow and beautiful days this spring.

Wishing you a beautiful season,

All my love,

Annie xo

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