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March Favourites

Happy April 1st, loves! I thought I'd start doing some monthly wrap ups for those of you that requested more personal content on the blog.

Favourite day- 26th. It's mating season for the common toad and I went to my favourite place to see them come out in their hundreds- one little guy even thought that I was a lady toad and wouldn't let me go!

Favourite book- Haunting Adeline // Hunting Adeline.

I didn't expect much from these but they absolutely had me on the edge of my seat. They're dark, spooky, smutty and thrilling. Hauntings, stalking, a murder mystery and romance. ⚠️ please check trigger warnings these books are absolutely horrific ⚠️

Favourite small business- Fern & Clay

I got some beautiful pieces this month from Fern & Clay, including these gorgeous bracelets of pastel beryl & pink tourmaline and lepidolite. They have some sweet minis, too!

Favourite Show/Movie-

Is it any surprise I've been rewatching The Vampire Diaries? Of course not.

Other than that I watched Fresh on Disney+ and enjoyed it more than I thought I would, I spent most of the Movie with a 'wtf?' expression on my face and in the end I really appreciated the feminist issues they touched on throughout.

What have I been burning? - The Herbalist

I dont mean to gas up my own product but the scent of this candle does something to me- there's not a single artificial smelling note in here, it smells so fresh and natural and beautiful and reminds me of days spent in the garden with my lovely nan 🤍

I'd love to know your March favourites, too! ♡

Lots of love,

Annie xo

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