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Checking In! 🍂

Happy October, my loves!

I'm sorry I completely forgot to post a September update!

So, whats happening?

We're seeing some awful delays with shipping within some parts of Europe (Sorry!!) Brexit is really doing a number on us!

Most orders from Oct 3rd are well on their way to you, there's just a few waiting to ship as per our temporary processing time of 21 days.

We have our last "Autumn only" restock tonight at 6pm GMT, all your Autumn favourites will be available like

Autumn Leaves

Pumpkin Patch


Stars Hollow

Deadly Nightshade

Dark Academia

Following tonight's restock, we'll be jumping into Winter/Christmas! (I know I know, it's not even been Halloween yet! But I want to give you all plenty of time to buy your Christmas gifts!)

So what can you expect to see starting next week?

Our winter collection (of course) we have some super sweet winter candles lined up for you!

If you loved Winter Library last year, jump for joy because it's coming back! And if you loved bibliophile's winter berries scent last year its coming back again however in a slightly different vessel 🤫😉

I'm also working on a gifts page for the website to flesh out your Christmas shopping. With crystals, mugs, incense and homeware galore!

There will also be some really sweet candle gift sets coming in the sweetest baubles!

Finally, myself and Olivia have been hard at work sourcing antiques for our biggest antique restock yet! ♡

That's all I have to say for now, hope to see you at the restock later! Love you! xo

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