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Autumn Launch!

Happy Sunday, my loves! It's almost time for my favourite launch of the year 😍🍂

In just under an hour, our Autumn collection for 2021 will be live on the website and available for purchase! Candles are as follows-

• Dark Academia-Chocolate, caramel & praline.

• Salem-Damask rose, velvet peony, oud wood.

• Autumn Leaves-Spiced woods & dry leaves.

• Pumpkin Patch-Pumpkin spice.

• Deadly Nightshade-Damson plum, rose & patchouli.

• Stars Hollow-Espresso & Donuts.

• Harvest Moon-Plum & Bramble.

• Calanmai-Spiced rose & smouldering woods.

What are you most looking forward to? 😍

Dark Academia might be my favourite this year!

Hope to see you all back here at 6pm UK time!

Love you loads!

Annie xo