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Spring is coming!

Hi friends!

I'm not sure how many of you are interested in the blog aspect of the site, but I thought I'd throw out a little update for any of you that are :)

My time off has been productive, I'm taking good steps with my health and I'm finally on the right path to getting to the route of the problem- hopefully I'll be fighting fit in no time!

Royal mail however have been driving me utterly insane, so many lost packages in March! But replacements are being made and shipped left right and centre- I'm so sorry if you're one of those affected by this ♡

Lastly- spring is coming! Our spring collection for 2021 will be launching this Sunday, April 4th at 6pm BST! I'm super happy with this collection and I'm loving the scents, I hope you guys will love them too!

Thats all from me for now, I hope you're all staying happy and healthy!

Love and best wishes,

Annie xo

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1 Comment

Please keep doing more! I love your blogs so much, so I'll be frequently checking for more:)) - @creamyporcelaine

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