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Antique + Vintage

Unique Antique & Vintage pieces sourced by
Annie in Warwickshire & Olivia in Somerset.

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meet the team
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Annie Williams

Midsummer Child

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Olivia Morris-Soper

Olive Leaff

Since I was a child I've held a great fascination for all things vintage and antique. There's beauty in every scuff or pen mark on an old book of fairy tales, telling us how much it's been loved. There's poetry in every dent or bump in an old Georgian chest of drawers, from years of dressing previous owners. There's love in old vases, that have held flowers from every valentine's day passed. It's an honour to own and preserve these snapshots of history, and I'm so excited to source some beautiful pieces for all of you!

I've always been obsessed with antiques. I have multiple history/archaeology degrees so it's safe to say I love the past and am a big history geek. Finding an old inscription in a book, a little Victorian trinket dish or a candle holder, scuffed from decades of use is my way of stepping back in time and feeling connected to the past. To me, it's an honour to own something old, as these treasures won't be around in the future if we don't treasure them now!

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